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Building Oklahoma's technology workforce by providing high quality coding bootcamps, accessible to all.



OK Coders was founded in 2014 by the University of Oklahoma’s Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (I-CCEW) to help meet Oklahoma’s growing demand for software developers. Oklahoma’s nascent startup scene combined with its high quality of life and low cost of living is attracting national attention, but there is an unmet demand for technical talent.

What We Offer

OK Coders offers beginner and intermediate coding bootcamps for adults 18+ in OKC and Tulsa. Bootcamps cover current development technologies and are taught by software engineers from the local tech community, making OK Coders ideal for anyone ready to kickstart their coding career or pick up a new hobby. OK Coders bootcamps run 4 hours a week on evenings and weekends to accommodate full-time workers and students.


Meet The Team

OK Coders instructors are full-time developers at local technology companies. they stay up-to-date on leading technologies and are leaders in their fields. They enjoy educating the next generation of oklahoma’s tech workforce, and many have hired interns out of the ok coders program.


Zach Mays

Zach is software developer at Bison Technoloiges in Oklahoma CIty. He is an OK Coders alum and mentor, and has been an instructor for over 3 years.

Matt Woods

Matt is an inbound marketer at Tailwind, an Oklahoma City startup. He is a former OK Coders student and now teaches web design courses for OK Coders.


Bobby Rockers

Bobby is CTO of Oklahoma City-based Bison Technologies and has been with OK Coders over 2 years.

Susan Moring

Susan is the Program Director of OK Coders and the Director of Oklahoma City operations for I-CCEW. She handles marketing and operations for OK Coders.


Frank Evans

Frank is a data engineer with Inspire Brands and will be teaching the upcoming data analytics course in OKC. This is his second OK Coders class.

Grant Lester

Grant is a software engineer for Tulsa-based tech company Consumer Affairs. He’ll be teaching the Fall 2019 Python bootcamp in Tulsa.


What We Teach

The core program of OK Coders is our full-stack web development bootcamp that uses a Javascript-based stack. The full-stack bootcamp is made up of six 4-week modules that together make up an intro to web development. In addition to this core offering, we also offer an 8-week data analytics course in okc, and we have an upcoming 8-week python course in tulsa.


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