Oklahoma City - 2019 Web Development Bootcamp

The OK Coders full-stack web development bootcamp launches summer 2019 in Oklahoma City.

Our web development bootcamp consists of 5 modules (+ a bonus capstone project!) that together provide an intro to full stack web development. All modules are 4 weeks long with classes taking place on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

The first module is intended to be accessible for those who are beginners to coding, and then the modules will quickly advance through more complex front end and then back end programming concepts. To ensure participants have the best possible experience and can keep up with the fast pace of OK Coders, we’ve included some prerequisite courses for the bootcamps which can be taken for free online before the start of the classes.


Module 1: Intro to Web Design
-June 1 – June 22
-HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
-Prerequisites: Must complete the “Learn HTML” course on Codecademy.com. This should take ~2 hours, and you’ll share a screenshot with proof of completion in your application.

Module 2: Intro to Programming
-July 6 – July 27
-Prerequisites: Module 1 (or similar experience) + must complete the “Intro to JavaScript” course on Codecademy.com.

Module 3: Intro to Programming II
-August 10 – August 31
-JavaScript cont’d, nodeJS, JQuery, NPM
-Prerequisites: Modules 1 & 2 (or similar experience) + must complete the “Introduction to jQuery” course on Codecademy.com.

Module 4: Intro to Back End Programming
-September 14 – October 5
-MongoDB, Express, Mongoose
-Prerequisites: Modules 1-3 (or similar experience)

Module 5: Making Web Applications Interactive w/ React
-October 19 – November 9
-Prerequisites: Modules 1-4 (or similar experience)

Capstone project module
-November 23 – December 14
-Full stack capstone project
-Prerequisites: Modules 1-5


Cost to attend

The OK Coders full stack web development bootcamp has a cost of $1000 in total, or $200 per module, with the capstone project offered free for those who finish the other 5 modules.

Once accepted, participants will be required to pre-pay for modules online before the start of class on June 1. Per module payment plans may be provided on request.

The 5 modules of the full stack bootcamp are specifically curated to best help beginners learn intro level web development. Thus, participants are highly encouraged to commit to all five modules of the class. However, participants may sign up for just the modules they are interested in for a price of $200 per module.


How do I sign up?

Applications are now available HERE. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and those wishing to start with Module 1 must have applications submitted by 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 28. Applications will remain open through October 15 for those wishing to join for later modules. Once your application has been reviewed and you’ve been accepted, you’ll then prepay for the bootcamp online before the start of class.


Other questions?

As always, don’t hesitate to send us your questions at okcoders@gmail.com, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @okcoders.

Susan Moring