General Program Sponsorship

Support technology workforce development in Oklahoma by becoming a program sponsor of OK Coders.

•Company name/logo on the OK Coders website

•Opportunity to host recruiting or informational sessions about your company with OK Coders current students and graduates

•Suggested $1000+ yearly program donation.

In-House Training

The OK Coders in-house training is a great option for getting your employees quickly up to speed on a new language or technology.

•OK Coders will prep the curriculum and teach the class on a schedule that works for you.

•Pricing negotiable based on class topic. General price range is $5,000 to $10,000 for 16 hours of in-person instruction.

Course Sponsorship

Sponsor an OK Coders bootcamp course. This is a great option for companies looking to quickly hire multiple entry-level developers trained in a specific technology.

•OK Coders will handle marketing and recruiting for the class

•Your name and logo will be attached to the course on all website and email communication

•Access to meet and greet all course students for recruiting purposes at the end

•~$5,000 for 8-week bootcamp

Send us a project that our students will work on during their OK Coders bootcamp “capstone”. Reach out to OK Coders to learn more about what types or project work best.

•You’ll have project oversight, insight into upcoming talent, and some amount of usable code that will be transferred back to you upon completion of the project.

•Suggested $500+ program donation.

Project Sponsorship

Send employees who want to give back to the OKC tech community to mentor an OK Coders class. Class mentors get tremendous insight into upcoming talent, and should be proficient in the technology stack being taught (primarily MEAN stack).

Volunteer Mentorship


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